Who is Propel Health?

Propel Health is an innovative collaborative founded by seven of Oregon’s important health systems and an insurer. As an organization, Propel Health will engage and support clinicians in improving patient health by deploying resources across defined patient populations to improve quality and lower total cost. Propel Health leverages advanced technology and the engagement of its participating providers to facilitate:

     • Care coordination and comprehensive data analysis

     • Clinical integration and quality improvement

     • Proactive patient care

Propel Health's Three Core Pillars

  • Physician Driven

    From defining quality measures to delivering integrated care, we rely on our physicians to drive change in their practices and with their patients.

  • Collaborative Learning

    With a basis in evidence, we remain open at all levels to exploring new ideas and methods in pursuit of delivering better care.

  • Actionable Intelligence

    By uniquely analyzing data and situations, we quickly respond to changes in patient health to remain at the forefront of care.

What Principles Guide Propel Health?

  • Put Patients First

  • Demonstrate Resilience

  • Collaborate Tirelessly

  • Become the System of Choice